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Military Careers

The mission is to elevate our workforce and build a culture that honors service and respects the communities where we work.

Current Openings

Our Responsibility

As stewards of the communities where we work, we are committed to supporting military service members out of respect and appreciation for their service. Operation Solid Ground is our program for providing current and former service members opportunities with well-established companies in a thriving industry. With support services, mentorship, and training, careers with Centuri companies are on solid ground.

Extending Your Skills

We’ve laid the foundation and stand ready to provide the building blocks for advancement and growth for former and current service members.

Supporting Your Needs

Centuri companies have unprecedented growth on the horizon. Our mentoring process is about bringing you in and showing that there’s a place for you.

Military Partnerships

A unique component of Operation Solid Ground is Centuri’s development of long-term partnerships with a wide variety of government departments, veteran associations, and industry agencies. These agencies provide support through access to resources, candidate referrals, additional education, and media opportunities.