Learn more about the variety of jobs in natural gas distribution construction here. The people featured in these videos are real employees of Centuri companies describing the duties, requirements, challenges, and rewards of their respective positions.

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Construction Crew Supervisor

Construction Crew Supervisors provide instruction to foremen and a varying number of construction crews. In addition to driving safety, quality, and productivity, they also coordinate workloads and schedule crews to meet customer deadlines.


Superintendents provide leadership for Construction Crew Supervisors and work closely with job coordinators, estimators, and safety to manage large projects. They break long projects down into manageable pieces while anticipating changes in workload, weather, staffing, and budget.  


Foreman lead construction crews in their work assignments from start to finish. They are responsible for the safety of their crews, as well as for meeting quality and productivity expectations.


Laborers are entry-level crew members responsible for a variety of construction duties. They assist foreman, heavy machine operators, and pipefitters by moving earth, materials, and tools into place. Being safety-minded with a willingness to learn and work hard will make you successful in this position. Many operations leaders at Centuri companies began their careers as laborers.

Warehouse Associate

Warehouse associates provide work crews with the materials and tools they need to get the job done. They keep the warehouse stocked and orderly so each crew can complete their work safely and efficiently. Warehouse associates must be safety-minded, detail-oriented, and organized, as well as knowledgeable about customer requirements and individual crew needs.

Project Estimator

Project estimators complete construction cost estimates and bid-related documents for jobs with a wide range of size and complexity. They provide support for planning, growth, tracking, and other business development functions.

Safety and Quality Auditor

Safety and Quality auditors are responsible for investigating a construction crew’s activities as they relate to safety and quality standards. They examine the application of written rules on live job sites to engage crews in continuous improvement of safety performance.  

Safety and Quality Trainer

Safety and Quality trainers are responsible for teaching employees to perform a wide variety of construction tasks correctly and safely. They prepare employees to take qualification exams while developing a strong depth of knowledge for success in the field.